New York’s Best Vietnam Restaurants

best Vietnam restaurants

If you want to sample Vietnamese cuisine without flying to Vietnam, try New York’s best Vietnam restaurants. There are many great options in New York, but these four stand out for their authenticity and modernity. Xeo Xoi, Song Long, Falansai, and Bunker Cafe all serve fantastic dishes and are great places to eat if you’re a foodie. You’ll find that all of these restaurants serve authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and the food at each is delicious and filling.

New York’s Vietnamese food scene

When it comes to modern Vietnamese cuisine in New York, the Vietnamese chefs in the city are more than happy to oblige. Their latest venture, Bunker, reopened early December after taking a three-week summer break. They joked on Facebook about their new concept of indoor and outdoor dining, despite having a low LEP rate (less than 60% of people in New York speak English).

Hanoi’s Xeo Xoi

If you’ve ever visited Hanoi, you’ve likely eaten Xeo Xoi, the Vietnamese dish of sticky rice. Despite its weird name, this dish is a staple of Hanoi’s cuisine, and it’s beloved by both tourists and locals. This restaurant serves the original version, along with an inventive fusion version.

Song Long

Song Long is a popular Vietnamese restaurant in the Little Saigon enclave. It has been around for over 30 years, serving generations of families with their authentic fare. Their menu is a blend of French and Vietnamese cuisine, reflecting the country’s colonial history. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with an air of family reunion. Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends or with family, Song Long will satisfy your culinary needs.


If you’re in NYC and looking for the best Vietnamese restaurant, Falansai is the place to go. This casual but elegant dining space features a modern design with elements of Chinese and French cuisine. The restaurant’s casual atmosphere and rotating menu make Falansai a great choice for a casual dinner out or an upscale Big Night Out. The upscale setting of the restaurant reflects its multicultural, multi-cultural menu, which changes regularly.

Mom & Pop

For authentic Vietnamese fare, head to a Mom & Pop. Located in Little Saigon, these mom & pop establishments offer quality preparations of central Vietnamese cuisine. Try banh beo, a dish of steamed rice cakes served in saucers. Or try beef noodle soup, or banh mung. You’ll likely enjoy the authentic flavors and aromas at these places.

District Saigon

There are many great Vietnamese restaurants in Saigon, but none is more iconic than District Saigon. The second floor of a colonial-era building is home to one of the most luxurious dining experiences in the country. Decorated with elegant Chinese characters and spiritual motifs, this place exudes refined style with exposed brick walls. The menu includes a huge variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as vegetarian specialties, as well as fine cocktails.

Shri Restaurant & Lounge

The ambience at Shri is comfortable and relaxing, with a patio offering fresh air and large windows to allow for plenty of natural light. The menu offers sophisticated, well-prepared fare with forks and knives, and Beaujolais glasses are used for drinks. Service at Shri is top-notch, with well-trained servers who ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. The sky-high views offer an unmatched backdrop for your evening.