How to Find Backpack Suppliers to do a dropshipping business?


With many backpack options and various storage options, it’s not surprising that dropshipping is an attractive option. In fact, a recent report says that the market for backpacks is projected to grow to 19.6 billion USD by 2022. Backpacks are a necessary part of everyday life, whether for work, school, outdoor trips, or even a baby’s stuff. Backpack suppliers dropship orders, so you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling.

Wholesale backpack suppliers

If you are just starting out in the wholesale backpack dropshipping business, you may be wondering how to find the best backpack suppliers. Fortunately, the backpack industry is predicted to grow over the next few years, and you can benefit from this trend by opening a backpack niche store. Some of these niche stores are outdoor backpacks, while others specialize in office backpacks. Listed below are some tips on how to find suppliers who can offer a wide range of backpacks at affordable prices.

Start by researching the market. Backpacks are a huge market – the market is estimated at 17.4 billion USD in 2019 and is projected to reach 19.6 billion USD by 2022. The market is booming – backpacks are used in school, work, outdoor trips, and even for carrying baby stuff! To make it easier for you to sell the backpacks online, you can use a platform such as Dropified, which makes importing hundreds of backpacks easy. Also, check out AliExtractor, the top tool for researching AliExpress products. This tool will save you hundreds of hours of research.

Social shopping sites

You can use social shopping sites to identify your target niche and build your catalog. Social sites are great for finding out what types of products people are excited about and want to share. You can also find out who your target audience is by joining online shopping communities. Facebook, for example, has hundreds of shopping groups, all of which revolve around certain brands, demographics, and websites. Here are some tips for finding these communities:

First, decide which social media platforms you’ll use to find your products. Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for this. Pinterest, for example, has a community of fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts who regularly discuss different products. These communities help you find suppliers of your dropshipping products. Make sure to join groups related to your niche so that you can share the best deals and ideas. You can also get a lot of great ideas for new dropshipping products by looking at what other sellers are selling.

Online directories

Many people are unsure of where to start when it comes to finding wholesale suppliers for a dropshipping business. There are several sources online, but it’s important to remember that a legitimate directory will not charge recurring membership fees. To get started, register for a free trial with the directory to find wholesale backpacks. You can also browse products at Wholesale 2B, a directory dedicated to dropshipping.

Unlike wholesale directories, dropshipping directories have vetted listings of wholesalers and dropshippers from all over the world. This allows you to search for products and suppliers and browse their catalogs without any hassles. You can also use Google to find a dropshipping supplier, but it’s best to avoid middlemen who position themselves as dropshippers. These middlemen are less likely to provide good service and are easier to find than true wholesalers.

Finding dropshipping suppliers

If you’re starting a dropshipping business, finding a reliable supplier can make the process go smoother. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, which usually have large overheads, dropshipping offers low overheads, and is legal in many jurisdictions. You can find dropshippers through an easy Google search. Alternatively, you can contact manufacturers and ask them for a quote. You can also find wholesalers and dropshippers at trade shows, where you can meet and establish relationships.

Backpacks come in different materials, from leather to canvas, from casual to elegant. They can be carried one-handed or on both shoulders, depending on their design. Backpack suppliers are easy to find: besides AliExpress, Amazon and Etsy each have over a hundred thousand products, as well as a few thousand sellers. Alternatively, you can use a platform like Dropified to import a wide variety of backpacks from thousands of suppliers.

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